Specialized in supplying materials, equipment and spare parts for the Oil and Gas industry, Marine, Shipbuilding, industry, chemicals, anti-corrosion metal, life-saving vehicles


Thai Son Quan Co., Ltd provides services:

  • Supplying materials and equipment for marine, oil and gas, industry, …

  • Design and construction of civil and industrial works

  • Supply scaffolding and scaffolding accessories BS1139

  • Testing equipment, measuring equipment, automation equipment

  • Metal anti-corrosion service

  • Transportation services, transportation agents, …

Our motto is to put the word “Trust” on the top and always strive to bring advanced products and best services at reasonable prices to customers.


Vision: To become Nexgen to become a major distributor for domestic and foreign businesses

Mission: Research and apply advanced techniques to help small and medium-sized enterprises break through in sales


Thai Son Quan invests in advanced science and technology in production with many years of experience in the oil and gas field. Develop and execute projects as planned


With many years of experience, the staff at Thai Son Quan is not only experienced but also tries to understand all customer problems. always work with the mentality of the seed sower wishing to bring the best value to customers.


In addition to providing machinery, tools and equipment, we also have a team of professional technicians to repair and maintain machines such as: Air compressors, forklifts, welding machines, CNC machines… for all customer requirements.

Specializes in providing all kinds of machines and machine parts, construction equipment, measuring equipment, electrical tools, materials for industries. Especially equipment serving the following industries: Road and bridge construction, industrial construction, Mechanical engineering, Shipbuilding…. With the company, the word “Trust” is always put on top. The company continuously has breakthrough customer, product and service policies that have a strong impact on brand thinking.

Technical design and technological design of all kinds of watercraft, other means of transport, marine engineering equipment and industrial products. Consulting and supervision for investors in the field of design , manufacture and restore all kinds of means of transport.